In this program we will:

  • Share knowledge and experience to guide safe and effective asana, pranayama, and meditation practices to beginning and intermediate level students.  In the spirit of our studio’s general philosophy and approach, we will teach different methods of adapting and assisting practices to accommodate physical limitations and injuries giving you a foundation to bring yoga into diverse communities.
  • Offer you a foundation in the history and philosophy of yoga with a focus on the view that within each of us lies intrinsic goodness and truth.
  • Impart an ethical foundation including boundaries and tools for non-violent communication to empower students in your classes and support all relationships in your life.
  • Provide lots of opportunities to practice teaching and to receive individualized feedback and support.
  • Through a creative, experiential and fun approach, provide a strong foundation in anatomy and physiology and their relationship to yoga practice.
  • Upon completing the 12 month course along with assignments, students will have the option to register with Yoga Alliance for 200 Hour certification.  This is an optional part of the program.

Teacher Trainer Julie Hsu

Our training begins in September 2019 and includes:

  • 10 convenient weekend intensives that meet monthly
  • Two 6 -7 day intensives to allow for a deep immersion experience

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Teacher Training and Tuition includes:

  • Participation in a teacher training program with a smaller class size (maximum 20 students). Many teacher training programs accept up to 60 students! While still allowing for a great community experience, this class size not only allows us to work with you and your interests more closely but we are able to design assignments that are more interactive, relevant, and creative.
  • All immersion weeks and weekends
  • All elective courses on topics like The Chakras; The Gita; The Business of Yoga; Designing Deeper Practices for Adaptive Yoga (students can choose a minimum of 2 workshops or as many as all of them)
  • 20 classes at Phinney Ridge Yoga to either take or observe throughout the 10 month immersion. Specific assignments will be associated with these classes.
  • A 50% discount on all studio punch cards, passes and series at Phinney Ridge Yoga during the 10 month training as a support for your personal practice.
  • 2 private consultations with Christy Fisher around areas of challenge in the training.
  • Feedback on outside assignments (lead facilitator will attend practice teach sessions offered outside of training weekends and offer personal feedback to trainee).
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