Yoga for Osteoporosis

  • Learn about the physiology of bones and why yoga is so effective in preventing the progression of Osteoporosis!
  • Learn how to adapt yoga practices safely for bones that may be more fragile.
  • Study a specific approach to yoga that has been proven to strengthen bones.

This series is currently on break.  Christy Fisher is available to work with students privately online in one-on-one sessions.  You might also consider joining one of her Online Gentle Therapeutic Group classes.  Sign up through our schedule page or contact Christy at    

Certified Yoga and Movement Therapist, Christy Fisher, as been teaching therapeutic yoga for over 20 years.  She has studied Yoga for Osteoporosis with Ellen Saltonstall and Dr. Loren Fishman and integrates many of these principles into her classes for students who live with Osteoporosis.

You can read more about Saltonstall and Fishman’s current work in the book Yoga for Osteoporosis.


Christy’s specialized classes for Cancer and Osteoporosis are life savers! I am able to participate and engage with yoga for the first time since my diagnosis. She understands how diseases affect the body and tailors the exercises to fit. My mood has improved knowing that I can go to a class and benefit from the exercises! Thank you!

D. Johnson